Photo Gallery: Rhodesian Special Forces


I have been drawing since I was a kid, I learned from the Osprey books my father would by me to paint my toy soldiers. The artist in those days was Ron Volstad his art had a huge impact on me.


One of my first books of Elite Forces was a pictorial on the British SAS that started my love of Special Forces and my later enlistment in the U.S. Army Infantry. Throughout my Military Career I done drawings of Elite forces and within the last 10 years have been able to showcase my prints and sell them.

Trooper Mike Kelso, 3 CDO RLI

I have dedicated a separate gallery for my Rhodesians. As a kid, like most of you viewers, read Soldier of Fortune Magazine. As many of you remember reading stories about the RLI, Selous Scout, and the SAS "C" squadron in my last year in the Army I met our Post CSM Mike Kelso.  He was a 3 CDO Trooper since then we have become good friends and his motivation and attention to detail for the accuracy of my pics has helped immensely.


Honoring these Troops is monumental for me, the men of these Elite Forces were fighting Terrorism and Communist Insurgency years before we had a war on Terror.


I am very proud to say my prints have been bought by members and fans of special operations around the world. My prints of have been sold to many members of these unit and from of their Associations throughout south Africa, Australia and Great Britain One of Prints was presented to LTC Reid Daly from the Selous Scout Association. 

Photo Gallery: Elite Forces of the World